Candles may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you consider home décor. Yes- they create light and can smell amazing, but they also create a relaxing and more welcoming atmosphere not only for guests, but yourself too!

So, let’s take a tour of your house and look at some fun and unique ways to incorporate candles into every room.

The Hallway

At the entrance to your home, you want to create a welcoming feel. Lighting a few seasonal scented candles will draw guests in from outside. Try light, floral fragrances in Spring and Summer and richer, more intense scents to create a warming feel in Autumn and Winter.

The Living Room

As the (usually) main room of your house, you can really tailor the colours and fragrances to whatever mood you want to create in the living room. Keep candles in holders or stand them bare depending on the style of your room. Have an empty fireplace? Try lighting some freestanding candles in there and create a unique talking point.

The Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or a wine night with the girls, candles dotted around the kitchen add a warmth to a minimalistic or vintage kitchen. Keep the scents subtle and fresh so it doesn’t interfere with the smell – and taste – of food.

The Bathroom

Keep your bathroom fresh by clustering candles in the corner. A monochrome bathroom can benefit from brighter colours, or match them

to the walls to keep things subtle. Why not run a bubble bath and light a floral scented candle to create the ultimate relaxing evening.

The Bedroom

It goes without saying, candles are cosiest in bedrooms. They can add even more of a warm feel to a darker bedroom and a whimsy feel to the most modern and bright of rooms. Lighting a lavender or cotton scented candle on your bedside table or windowsill creates a warm glow, perfect for relaxing before bed.

These are just some of our favourite ways to use candles in a home. Let us know if you have any other ideas of how they could be used to spruce up a room.

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